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Video testimonial from Swedish Midwife Angela Beals!

Warm, confident, and intuitive are just a few of the words we'd use to describe our wonderful doula, Ace Eberle. My labor was long, and both physically and emotionally challenging, in part because my daughter arrived posterior.  Ace was tireless in her support and care. She remained a strong and reassuring presence, gently encouraging me when I felt I could not continue. Somehow, Ace helped make the room feel safe. Due to my baby's posterior position, I was at risk for a c-section and had to attempt a variety of delivery positions. Ace guided us through these positions, including recommending bilateral pelvic pressure that our midwife later credited with catalyzing the birth. Ace exceeded all our expectations as a doula. We cannot recommend Ace  strongly enough!


We are so thankful Ace was present at our birth! Although we could only meet online beforehand, due to covid, I was struck by how thoughtful and intuitive she is. She was a bright, warm presence at our birth that helped me feel at ease. It can be hard to verbalise what you need while in labor but Ace was intuitive and attentive to my needs and respectful of my wishes prior to birth. I really appreciated that she supported my partner and I with online classes and conversation to allow his support to be the focus of my comfort measures. She enabled us to keep our connection in the forefront while gently guiding us through the process. I would hire her again in a heartbeat! -


Ace worked with my husband and I virtually during the height of the Covid pandemic. She was incredibly kind and accommodating, down to earth, and extremely knowledgeable. The time she spent helping us prepare made us feel so much more confident and comfortable going into the birth of our first child, and helped us feel ready despite not being able to have the in person support we had hoped to have. My husband was especially grateful for our time with Ace, and felt ready to ‘doula’ for me. I have since recommended her to another friend, who subsequently sang her praise after her own precipitous birth.


Ace helped prepare me and my husband for natural labor as I was hoping for a VBAC. The techniques she showed us helped relieve pressure off my back in the last couple of weeks. This was my second baby and I knew nothing ever goes to plan. I ended up having a repeat c section. I went in for my 38 week appointment and was told baby was coming the same day. I messaged ace and she was able to make it and be there with us. I had a horrible experience with my first c section and having the extra support there helped me get through it and it was an amazing experience. I won’t be having anymore kids but if I did, I would definitely hire Ace again. She was amazing in every way possible.


As a first time mom, I felt happy with our decision to hire Ace. She was responsive, respectful, and professional, even from the very start. More importantly, she was kind, reliable, caring, respectful to me, my husband, and our baby! Ace has geniune empathy for moms-to-be and families, we felt comfortable and safe around her. We love that she's passionate about helping moms and families through their birthing experience. 

I had an amazing birth experience. I planned on an unmedicated birth with no medical intervention unless necessary. I also wanted to have a water birth. Most of our labor was at home, and we contacted Ace via call and text messages which was helpful to making sure we are doing things that are helpful for labor. 

It was a little rough around the active labor phase and pain was a lot more intense, but I felt supported by Ace all throughout my labor and birth. We ended up going to the birthing center when my contractions were about 3-1-1, and immediately after Ace was there to help me deal with the intensity of the contractions. I really felt supported, especially when our midwife suggested walking upstairs to encourage movement of the baby. Throughout the intense stage of transition, I was happy Ace was there. She said really encouraging words, gave lots of counter pressure, took photos for us, even told some jokes, and fed me snacks and hydration. 

One other highlight of my birth was working with Ace on an art commission. Ace is a talented artist, and her work, especially paintings and sculptures related to pregnancy and birth, are beautiful, inspiring, and creative. She created a birth painting for us after birth. She captured the moment well, and her artistic style made it very special, meaningful and beautiful!.  

Our birth plan came along together - it was really the perfect birth. It was a memorable and very positive birth experience - and I'm really glad Ace was a key part of it.


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