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Hey there, I'm Ace! My captivation with birth and the protection of mothers and babies during such a particularly vulnerable state compels my service to families undergoing its processes. My deep and wholehearted commitment toward the optimization of your prenatal, delivery, and postnatal experience is evident in my hands-on and heartfelt approach.

I received my first 20 hour doula training through DONA in 2016 and my birth doula certification is in progress through Child Birth Professionals International.

I am a full spectrum doula, having completed my training in 2018 with Full Spectrum Doulas of Seattle, followed by membership. As such, I am experienced in and am available for in-person and virtual/telephonic support regarding planned and unplanned pregnancy loss.

My fees are sliding scale from pro bono to $2500. How is this fee determined? Please click here: 

Thank you for considering me as your doula!

-Alexandra (A.C.E.) Eberle

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